I am a Muslim and it shows on my forehead

I am a lucky man born in the most sublime community that ever landed on earth
I wear Afghan kamiss and beard without mustaches
I wear Nike and Converse and wear an Adidas tracksuit
I own the latest iPhone model
I’m sailing on a state-of-the-art tablet
I’m at the top of the new technologies
I set the ringtone of my phone on There is Allah that Allah and Mohamed is his prophet
I am the father of 5 minor children
I’m staying in a F6 for 60 € a month
I own my home in my home country, three villas by the sea
I rent them for the equivalent of 500 € per month each
I’m exempt from everything here
I am a privileged of the system by the will of allah
I am courted by all parties even by one who wants to be a bulwark against my religion

I am amused to see him lick the slippers of my muftis
I pray every day in the mosque of my neighborhood
I am always on time at my prayers
I never miss a prayer so as not to lose my hassanates
I win with each of my prayers 29 steps for heaven
I am on long term sick leave
I go out of my house five times a day to pray
I am not forced to stay at home
I am in aggravated depression
I am authorized by my doctor to leave my home outside the hours of the Social Security
I am a Muslim full time
I am touched by the grace of Allah
I praise him in all my prayers for his benefits
I am grateful to him for having inspired these disbelievers with the Social Security system
I am a happy Muslim chosen by Allah to elect domicile home
I receive my full daily allowance
All I do is to be rewarded for what Allah has given them
I am a man of integrity and my companions of prayers witness it to me
I am Muslim and fresh like bacon

Reproduction is authorized with the following mention: © Salem Ben Ammar