In addition to being a psychotic and severely flawed philosophy built on lies and misinformation, liberalism stands for things that contradict reality and human experience. In one way or another, they reject virtually everything that made this country great. Through their redistributive policies and open support for the limitless regulation of the private sector, liberals reject free market capitalism. Through their concerted effort to sabotage and disintegrate existing immigration laws, liberals reject the rule of law. Through their hostile objection to conservative speech, their never ending quest to disarm the citizenry, and their objection to states rights in case after case, the liberals reject the Constitution.

I could go on and on for days, but you get the point. It is worth noting, though, that one of the things liberals reject most passionately also happens to be a foundational tenet of America – the religion of Christianity. Left-wing talk show hosts mock Christians every chance they get. College professors have used their authority to promote anti-Christian bias in the classroom. Barack Obama seldom said anything about the Christians that were being beheaded in the Middle East at the hands of radical Islam. But despite all of this, what is perhaps most shocking of all is the simultaneous promotion of other religions in Washington DC, in the media, and yes, in academia. (RELATED: Do democrats consider Christianity to be just as violent as Islam?)

At Chatham Middle School in New Jersey, some teachers are now not only teaching about Islam as part of the curriculum but flat out promoting it.

Parents were outraged when their children were routinely coming home with homework and lengthy assignments about Islam. “In the Middle East and North Africa unit of the class students are taught about the five pillars of Islam in great detail,” parent Libby Hilsenrath told the board. “There are two videos on it, a 20-page PowerPoint presentation, class work, homework, and testing.” She added that “in this unit, there is no mention of any other religion or teaching of it.” (RELATED: Read about how public schools are the prison of indoctrination for young people).

Christianity is banned from NJ public schools as Islam becomes curriculum