A 23-year-old Muslim refugee was recognized by witnesses as an Islamic state fighter who injected his prisoners with diesel until they died.

The Austrian police passed the refugee reception places with a fine comb after receiving the disturbing testimony of several refugees.

Witnesses said in an in camera trial due to the security threat that Ahmad Al I carried out the orders of the Islamic state by injecting the disbelievers with diesel syringes.

Separately, three of the four witnesses said the young jihadist boasted atrocities in the refugee camps.

Ahmad Al I denied the facts, saying: “Maybe my friends misunderstood me, but that night [the night of the tortures], I was very drunk and I did nothing.”

However, investigators discovered in his smartphone and tablet propaganda videos of the Islamic state.

The 23-year-old Syrian traveled more than 2000 km in Europe as a refugee to Austria.

translated from © Christian Larnet for Dreuz.info .