Serious explosions were heard for more than an hour after the fire of a gas storage center in Jonquières (Vaucluse) on Friday evening, firemen said.

The explosions started shortly after 22 hours and were heard several tens of kilometers in the vicinity, as far as Avignon, said the firefighters at AFP, confirming information from La Provence .The fire was reportedly caused by a heavy vehicle, according to initial findings of relief.

70 firefighters were dispatched to the “very little urbanized” zone , where a safety perimeter of 300 to 400 meters was established .

Forty tons of gas exploded, at a rate of 13 kg of gas per bottle, for a total of more than 3,000 bottles exploded, according to the gendarmerie of Vaucluse, which specified that the site was not classified.

“The situation was stabilized around 03H00 ,” the sub-prefect of Carpentras Jean-François Moniotte told AFP. “The firemen and the gendarmes could not get in because there were still burners, gas escaped from the dished bombs in the form of flares. There was also a stockpile of wood chips that caught fire “ .

The mainstream media talks about a “truck” then does not say why at 3 AM a gaz factory  has 40 gaz bottle explode…….Leave it up to you to imagine who and why? Criminal fires and many more happening worldwide and the medias still say they cannot “understand” how these happen…..