Two Exeter Quay swans have been found ‘decapitated’ in just under a week.

The first gruesome discovery came last Saturday when locals say they spotted a dead swan at The Quay, which was later confirmed by Exeter City Council.

Dale Williams, who lives nearby, said friends discovered a dead swan around the area, which was cleared up by the council.

Exeter City Council confirmed that a swan was found on Saturday near the Mill on the Exe, and was reported to the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on Monday.

The second animal was discovered on Wednesday, when witnesses discovered what they described as a ‘headless’ swan, under the blue footbridge, which was reported to the police.

Thomas Prideaux, who works at On The Waterfront, spotted the swan on his way to work, and said it was not a pleasant site.

Lisa Prescott reported the gruesome sight adding it had been ‘decapitated’ and was ‘in full view’.

Police confirmed that the second swan discovered on Wednesday has been reported as a crime, and are appealing for witnesses.

A representative for the force added: “Police received a call from a member of the public who had seen the body of a swan on the footbridge near to Samuel Jones Pub, on the Quay, Exeter at around 8:30am.

“Environmental Health attended to collect the animal who raised concerns over how the swan died.”

Any witnesses should contact 101@dc.police.uk quoting crime number CR/009418/17.

Source: Headless swan was the second gruesome discovery on Exeter Quay in the space of one week

In 2014 it happened and many other animals are decapitated:

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  • Angler spotted Hasan Fidan, 46, killing the bird and bundling it into bag
  • Bob Morris confronted Fidan, and took a photo which he gave to police
  • Fidan was fined £110 and ordered to pay a further £105 by magistrates
  • Claims he did not realise killing a swan is against the law and has said sorry
  • Police found remains in the freezer, after Fidan had already sampled bird
  • Britain’s mute swans owned by the Queen in law dating back to 12th century

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