Migrants have been granted refugee status in Switzerland because they risk death in their countries of origin. Now they use social assistance money to go on holiday to their country (!!!), reveals the Basler Zeitung .

The Swiss daily notes that thousands of migrants travel to Eritrea each year for a holiday when they are believed to have fled Africa for fear of their lives.

Ironically: although a large proportion of Eritreans have been denied asylum in Switzerland, the authorities are not well equipped to deport them because their countries of origin are considered dangerous by the host countries.

There is no direct flight from Switzerland to Eritrea, but journalists at the Basler Zeitung have discovered that about 50 people leave Switzerland each day to go on holiday to an African country.

The return ticket to Eritrea costs about 599 francs in January and 650 in the high season, which indicates that the Swiss are very generous, since the vast majority of Eritreans living in Switzerland receive only social assistance and do not work not.

In response, the Swiss Migration Secretariat (SEM) told the Basler Zeitung that it is difficult to assess the number of Eritreans taking vacations in their country of origin because there are no direct flights.

Of the 50,000 requests to travel abroad by political asylum seekers with temporary residence permits, 97.5 per cent were allowed between 2010 and 2014.

Source: Basler Zeitung