The veil is not a mere use, it is the visible part of a worldview based on the two-fold cut of the universal, men and women. The veil is the sign of the theological confinement of women and the sanctification of the ascendancy of the Muslim eros over the Muslim ethos.


I put this idea to conclusion of my work on the body of women in the charaic discourse, showing through the writings that have come down to us how early men of Islam were doing virility and libido Dominated their symbolic capital. This excessively theologized Eros has conditioned, and continues to do so, the Islamic ethos, that is the habit and morals which should lead to the definition of good and evil and to command the conduct of men and the relationship Between the sexes in Muslim society.

Latifa Lakhdar, Tunisian, historian, researcher on Islamic thought and author of the book: Muslim women, in the mirror of Islamic orthodoxy.

Source: Symbolique du voile par Latifa Lakhdar. – Le savoir est une arme