Marseille is sadly the Capital of Crime in France even before Paris…..

” Laicity ? Forget about it, here it is the law of the  Islamists with beards “

The man lives in Marseille, South East part of France, he is  from a northern neighborhood, famed for being a very dangerous place to live. Originally he came from Algeria in the 1950s. He explains to a journalist who came to investigate:

“You do not want to see how it truly is. On one side there are the dealers who make a Mafia order reign. On the other hand, the Salafists, extreme islamists, who govern our everyday life. They keep an eye on everything. They demand that our daughters wear the veil, that our boys do not drink, do not go out, that they pray five times a day. They want sharia law implemented. What you did not understand is that the traffickers and the radicalized are making common cause. We are between a rock and a hard placeAnd everything that has built our way of life, our integration is falling apart. “


Testimony confirmed by this cop who knows the northern districts of Marseille as the back of his pocket:

“No cop sets foot there.” The law is that of the radical dealers and Islamists. The city has become impenetrable for those who do not live there. The situation deteriorated like hell in a few  years. Marseille is called a lost territory of the Republic. The Salafists took power. Some of these guys will not stop fighting until the words “freedom, equality, fraternity” have been erased from the pediments of the town halls. they are already fighting hard to get the signs of catholic religion out and they don’t want people to celebrate chrismast, considered offensive for muslims (?!). The drug deal is in the hands of arabs and they are against any legalization that would put them “out of work”


And this statement without appeal is the same wherever this journalist has investigated from Paris area to Marseille via Lyon or Lunel. All lost territories now ruled by islamists and drug dealers. Everywhere secularism gradually disappears under the pressure of religion, under the pressure of the muslims, according to this recent and disturbing investigation..

This observation has been corroborated by the secret mapping of radicals in France, established by Le Parisien, on the basis of confidential data: 


This national file would include nearly 16,000 radicalized monitored including more than 4,000 live in the Ile de France and are actively taken into account by the anti-terrorist services.

Not counting the dormant residents or those arriving with the migratory flood that by definition escape the census.

This totalitarian ideology spreaded like wild fire because of the betrayal of local elected officials, heads of the State who courted the muslims by electoral submission and then bought an illusory social tranquility. Now we are beyond point of no return. This will end in a bloody war if the French want to fight for their way of life. not only France but ALL EUROPE, check out this map. It says it all!