Islam is very much like the communism you castigate, as well as Nazism: it’s totalitarian, absolutist, violent, black-and-white, war-like, centralised, oppressive, dictatorial, it doesn’t leave a place for the individual and it is soul-crushing.


That may be why both Nazism and Communism have had a strong appeal to millions of Muslims in the 20th century and beyond. What Muslims want is Nazism with a religious element – something even more totalitarian but with stuff about Allah.


The Islamic slave trade in Africa predated the US and British slave trades by some 1100 years. It still exists today in the Arab world and beyond. The British ended slavery in the late 18th century. The Islamic slave trade still exists and is endorsed in the Koran. The Islamic slave trade was far far bigger than the European slave trade. Which history books are you reading?


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