He even planned a bomb attack on Canary Wharf….


Until he was 21, Sohail Ahmed preached downfall of Western civilisation and the urgent need for an Islamic Empire.

He spent years turning naïve Muslim pupils to embrace a fanatical worldview, spewing hate and fire, justifying murder and oppression and glorying in jihad and theocracy.

But the 23-year-old reversed his extreme and reactionary views two years ago while coming out as gay.

His hatred ran so deep, at 16 he even scoped out the best places in London to carry out an unspeakable atrocity.

He told The Tab: “I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit I was responsible for radicalising a lot of people – a close friend of mine even went to Syria to fight jihad.”

The Queen Mary Physics first year gives a deeply worrying insight into creeping radicalisation on British campuses.

A recent study by research group Student Rights said Queen Mary was the second-worst UK university for hosting firebrand hate-preachers.

From 2012- 2014 they claim the uni held 24 events giving a platform to extreme Islamist speakers who openly justify the killing of apostates and homosexuals, believe adulterers need stoned to death and thieves should have hands amputated.

After dropping out of medicine in 2012 and coming to the Mile End campus to study physics, Sohail found ideological bedfellows everywhere.

He told The Tab: “I was raised a Salafi Wahhabi ( A Saudi Arabian literalist strain of Islam) and the people who ran the Islamic Society all shared my views.

“Preachers at Friday prayers would talk about the evils of secularism, fighting the kuffar and the need for violent jihad to establish Sharia.

“They then stopped saying that stuff publicly, but still would in private. They want to win over moderate muslims – the majority on campus –  for Dawah purposes, to proselytise.”

Born to Pakistani parents in London’s East End, Sohail was raised in an ultra-conservative Islamist family who have now completely disowned him.

At the age of 16, he became: “Very serious about carrying out an attack, specifically I had Canary Wharf in my sights.

“I was told Iraq was about killing Muslims, so I felt I had a duty to protect my brothers and sisters. I looked for a place to leave a package so I could then detonate it remotely.

“I was a radical but i still didn’t want to die and because I was repressing my homosexuality I thought I might go to hell.

“Trust me many Islamists are doing the same – they’re not all straight!”

He went on: “Another group on campus called ‘The Ideological Society’ is essentially just a front for the student wing of Hizb ut-Tahrir. They pose as a debates and discussions group.

“But once someone is presented as a religious authority, with no opposition speaker, you don’t question them as much.

“If we go to these meetings, the moderators won’t choose us to ask questions, how are we meant to challenge these views?”


Ex-Islamist radical says extremism rampant in British universities