Firefighters were stoned and had their vehicles stolen during an operation near Dijon. An investigation has been opened.
“An intervention that proved to be a thoroughly prepared trap”. François Sauvadet, the UDI president of the departmental council of Côte-d’Or, described in a statement the ambush in which firefighters fell on Thursday in Chenôve.

It is 10:30 pm when the firemen of Côte-d’Or go to the city of about 14 00 inhabitants, near Dijon, to release an individual blocked in a broken elevator. A call for help that turns out to be a trap. Noting that nobody was stuck in the elevator, the firemen had the nasty surprise of discovering “young people” driving their truck, explains Francois Sauvadet. They “started it and went for a walk in the neighborhood”.

No firefighter injured

However, the firemen managed to recover their vehicle. But while they were preparing to leave, they were stoned by the group now composed of a dozen young people.

The vehicle was slightly damaged but no firemen were injured. The fire department and the county council lodged a complaint and an investigation was opened.

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(lately in France they shoot at firemen and police….Thiais: firemen attacked in mortar after wild barbecue Isle of France & Oise> Val-de-Marne….They were waiting for the fireworks, they had a bulky fire, with mortar fire as a bonus. The government apart from giving them bulletproof jackets, did nothing more! These men are paid very low wadges for risking their lives trying to save others WTF!)